TOEIC 525 点の英作文能力はこの程度 (かなしい😢)


下に載せる3つの作文は,2009年4月,大学1年生の僕が英語の授業で書いた文章.相当に酷い文章だけど,これでも当時受験した TOEIC は 525点だったんだよね… TOEIC をこれから受験する人の参考に少しでもなればと思って公開します.ちなみに約10年後の2019年1月に受けた IELTS では Overall band score 6.5 を取得できました

ところで,課題 2 で言及してる OLPC (One Laptop per Child,公式サイト) ってめちゃいい取り組みだね.2005年に創立された OLPC は途上国の子どもたちに学習の機会を提供する NPO で,安価なノートパソコン XO (英語 Wikipedia) を開発してる.こういう有益で重要なことを大学でたくさん習ったはずなのに,全然覚えてないなあ.

OLPC XO – Wikipedia


課題 1: My sports history

My name is T. K. I was born in a prefecture in Japan, and brought up in another. When I was a primary schoolchild, I practiced baseball on every Sunday evening with my friends. I belonged to the baseball club in our town. Our team was named “The Team Yellow”. I was posted in right field, and seventh batting order. However I practiced it very hard, I wasn’t able to play as well as most of my friends after all.

I continued to play baseball after my entering to a local junior high school. I belonged to a school baseball team. My team mates were able to play baseball better than I, I didn’t entry most of our baseball games. But I was not an unnecessary member. I was entrusted a highly important roll, a scorer. I could contribute to my team as a brain of the nine players in the diamond.

When I became a high school student, I wanted to do something new. I was engaged to baseball for six years, three in “The Team Yellow” and another three in junior high school baseball team. My friend provoked me to play tennis, we went to tennis club in our school. Because I knew the pleasure of playing tennis through it, I’m thinking entering a tennis circle now.

課題 2: Why OLPC is overkill for Japan

I think a computer like the XO would not be popular in Japan. These days, the price of a computer is getting cheaper day by day. Therefore most of Japanese families can buy a computer, and have it. Japanese students aren’t poorer than the students in the countries like Peru and Nigeria. They can use computer at their house, so a computer like the XO wouldn’t be bought in Japan.

In fact, when I want to read the Internet, I always use the computer which is shared by my family members. But, I don’t feel uncomfortable when I use it. If two of my family’s members want to use it at one time, there is a little difficulty. However, such situation hardly comes. So in Japan, people need not “One Laptop Per Child”, but “One Laptop Per Family”.

課題 3: Hybrid cars are worth it

Hybrid cars are more expensive than other kind of cars. But I think that they are worth the cost. There are two reasons. Firstly, the Earth we live in is not two, but one. Once it gets polluted, it is very hard to clean it up again. We can’t live in a dirty place, so we must keep the Earth clean. And we must hand the clean Earth to the next generations.

Secondly, the tax of hybrid cars gets cheaper than is was. Japan is one of the biggest car producing countries. Maybe it is one reason to lower the tax. The things which are future intentional are will become more important than now we think. Though it is a little expensive, hybrid car is worth to buy.